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If the universe can be expressed by this scorns riches
though the praise of those around you do not get your mind
if you in the storm to keep calm
if you and your enemies throwing good.
If you can play at once everything that you’ve won
the destruction endure doses and a solution …
If you can subdue the body mind and heart,
if you where to swear not to silence you make …

If the storm can not lose hope
if you can forgive me when to have wronged …
If you can t dream does not become the bane you
though it was able to love those who hate They have …
If you can you’re the same in joy and sorrow
if faith in your soul in front goes nothing …
While speaking to the crowds did not lose consciousness.

If you can digest that one day you die …
If you have never drunk the wine of triumph,
if the lies of others do not lie and you,
if you can to stand without discomfort, nerves or
and the same words you can t hear disguised.
If you every minute you can ‘t create a
and never you can not live with his hands crossed.

If friends and your enemies can not hurt you,
if relations with the great minds you do not pick up,
if everybody do accounts but no separately
If you can hold and alien secrets.
Hey …. My child then we will allow n treats
as should your life you’ll be a great MAN
and the whole earth is going to be yours.

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